Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a Church for Clarence South, Making Disciples of Jesus.

Our Mission

Loving God, His Church and our neighbour – By knowing Jesus and making Him known – Through word, prayer and deed.

How will we live out our Vision and Mission?

  • Worship

    A community that lives for God’s kingdom as we seek Him and live for Him through prayer, word and deed.

  • Community

    A vulnerable, authentic community who live out their lives as God's Church while invited others to belong.

  • Serving

    Together we live for the renewal and restoration of Howrah-Clarence Plains. Seeking to bring the power of the Gospel to bare on the community we serve.

  • Sharing our stories

    We understand that the power of the Gospel can be seen in our own stories and we seek to share this incredible truth as we witness to those around us.

Our Values

  • Prayer

    We believe that prayer is the fundamental way we communicate with God by speaking and listening to what he has to say. We seek to discern God’s will in all we do and believe prayer is foundational in directing our ministry plans.

  • Gospel-Centered

    The Gospel is the center of our ministry, and everything we do must find its root in the Gospel. The Gospel must therefore be clear to us. The Gospel applied to our lives and the lives of others will bring true renewal and restoration.

  • Spiritual Depth

    We are not satisfied with a simple understanding of God. We want to pursue a deep and spirit filled understanding of who God is through the Bible. We seek to find meaning and satisfaction in God. 

  • Experiential Faith

    The faith we value is not just theoretical but experienced in everyday life. We actively seek the present-day work of the Holy Spirit, expecting him to move in our midst, and welcoming Him to speak into our lives. We want to be devoted to prayer, Bible reading, worship, serving, giving, and other relevant spiritual disciplines that help us to keep our faith alive and thriving and allow the spirit to flow in us and through us.

  • Community on Mission

    We want to be a true community, loving and serving one another, encouraging one another, and spurring one another on to love and good deeds. At the same time, we want to be an outward looking community, recognizing that we are not here for ourselves, but are on a mission to bring the gospel to the world. 

  • Community Renewal

    We want to see the Gospel renew and change Howrah - Clarence Plains. This involves discipling God’s people to live out the implications of the Gospel in every sphere of life. This includes doing social justice, integrating our faith and work, and working with other churches and organizations. Our goal is to see the saturation of the Gospel in our communities, with the community renewed culturally, socially and spiritually for the glory of God.

All welcome

Clarence South is a friendly family of diverse believers in Jesus Christ, as well as many who are simply investigating Jesus with us. Sundays are for everyone with clear explanations of what we are doing and why. We want to ensure we provide a safe place for people to grow in their faith and/or explore faith.

We teach the Bible clearly, with truth and clarity and an aim for us all to be renewed and transformed by the love and grace that Jesus brings into our lives.


Sunday Service Times

  • 8:30am & 10.30am - St Thomas, 1-3 Lorne Crescent, Howrah 
  • 10:00am - St Barnabas, 3337 South Arm Rd, South Arm  

We are here for you


Sunday Services

  • 8:30am & 10.30am
    St Thomas, 1-3 Lorne Crescent, Howrah 
  • 10:00am
    St Barnabas, 3337 South Arm Rd, South Arm  

We are here for you

Tel: 03 6247 9700

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